Stem Cell Injections

Mast Stem Cell Aesthetics

Stem Cell Injections

As an alternative to surgery, laser and fillers were developed, creating a new approach to anti-aging. They required minimum downtime and the results were natural. Today, fat is the best filler and anti-aging product. The stem cell rich fat provides natural volume while creating a long lasting result that not only reveals a younger look, but also has an effect in the texture and tone of the skin itself. It also improves fine lines, sun damage and age spots.

Fat is considered the ideal filler. It has a great advantage over the other products and very minimum disadvantages or side effects.

  • It is readily available and in large quantities
  • It yields millions of stem cells per gram of fat
  • It can be harvested under local anesthesia in the office
  • It is autologous, which means there is minimal chance of allergic reaction
  • Can be injected to restore volume of the face, hands and breasts
  • It results in a natural and refreshed appearance
  • Can last 40% more than regular fat grafting

The procedure consists of performing a small liposuction usually in the lower belly. A specific amount of fat is harvested, calculating the fat that will be processed for stem cell isolation and the fat that will be injected for volume enhancement. The fat is removed under local anesthesia in a sterile technique where the patient is very comfortable. Once the stem cell isolation is completed, the stem cells are mixed with the fat that will be injected. This fat enriched with stem cells creates new blood vessels that maintain the graft alive so it last longer. Besides, stem cells release growth factors that impact skin rejuvenation at a cellular level.