Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Injury

Mast Stem Cell Shoulder Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injury is typically very painful for patients due to the range of motion we need each day. Stem cell therapy for shoulder injury is a viable option to aid in the repair and reduction of pain.

During the healing process, stem cells are able to differentiate into specialized cells (muscle, tendons, cartilage, bone) to renew the injured shoulder. They also cause other important cells to come to the site of injury, which in turn increases blood flow and the release of growth factors that are needed to repair and regenerate.

There is no guarantee of the results of stem cell therapy for shoulder injury. Typically, patients experience soreness near the injection site, but after about a week they often report a slow but steady decrease in pain, and an improvement in the range of motion of the shoulder. Some patient’s symptoms are alleviated after one injection; others need multiple injections. We recommend other therapies like IV Vitamin Therapy before the stem cell injection to detoxify our bodies and maximize the results of stem cell therapy for all types of shoulder injuries.