Bone Marrow Donation Awareness

“I believe that if you save just one life, then your life was a life worth living. I'm a registered donor, are you?”

Say the words 'bone marrow transplant' and most people understand that it's a life-saving procedure for people with certain cancers. The truth is that there are several reasons that a patient might require a bone marrow transplant, including failure of the bone marrow due to radiation or chemotherapy – not just from disease.

Most people may not realize that a bone marrow transplant is actually a stem cell transplant. When you receive a bone marrow transplant from a compatible donor you are receiving that person's stem cells and those cells have the ability to continue to grow and form new blood cells and the cells that constitute the immune system.

We are committed to the science of adult stem cell therapy, and very much support the national donor program at We are working closely with them to promote the awareness of bone marrow donation and the need to increase the number of donors in the registry.

Did You Know?

Right now, when a Caucasian person needs a bone marrow transplant, they have a roughly 90% chance of finding a compatible donor. Minority populations have a far lower chance of finding a donor, closer to 50%. For mixed-race patients though, that number drops to just 5-7%.

In fact, their chances for survival might even be lower than that.

We urge everyone to join the bone marrow registry. And if you are of mixed-race, then the urgency for your registration is even greater.

Please join us in advancing adult stem cell science, in saving lives, and in helping one another.

Be The Match Event Images – March 1st, 2012 in NYC

Doctors Pericles Lantz and Damon Noto organize and attend a benefit at modeling agency Image Powerhouse in NYC to raise awareness about the acute shortage of bone marrow donor matches for mixed race cancer patients.