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6.28.2012 – Regenerative Medicine Pioneer Continues Changing Lives With First Successful Laryngotracheal Implants Link »

6.21.2012 – Scientists Can Now Grow Functioning Liver From Stem Cells Link »

6.14.2012 – Girl Gets New Veins Made From Her Own Stem Cells Link »

1.13.2011 – City of Hope reaches historic treatment milestone with 10,000th bone marrow transplant Link »

1.07.2011 – Political storm over adult stem cells, The Globe and Mail Link »

5.25.2010 – Vatican supports adult stem cell therapy project with NYC-based company, Daily News Link»

4.23.2010 – Vatican to finance adult stem cell research, USA Today Link »

[various] – Adult Stem Cells: Saving Lives Now, Family Research Council [PDF] Link»