Stem Cell Disc Therapy

Oftentimes even drastic surgical procedures are not enough to repair all spinal and joint tissue damages caused by injury or aging, and return the body to its previous state. In cases like these, stem cell therapy can help reduce pain and regenerate damaged tissues to help the body repair naturally in weeks.

Minimally invasive stem cell therapy procedures can be used to treat patients experiencing pain from herniated discs, chronic lower back pain and inflammation, and sciatica. Without needing to resort to surgery, stem cells taken from the patient's body, in sessions lasting up to 15 minutes, can be used to repair degenerated or herniated discs in an outpatient procedure. These mesenchymal stem cells from non-embryonic origin are taken from bone marrow, circulating blood, or fat tissue and have the ability to transform into other types of cells.

Through stem cell therapy and injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a mix of concentrated platelets and serum, to the site of the pain or tissue damage with local anesthetic, tissue is stimulated to regenerate more effectively.

The recovery time for stem cell therapy is minimal. Patients usually experience soreness near the sites of the injections. There is then a gradual decrease in pain and improvement in mobility. Many patients also begin to notice results within six to eight weeks after only one treatment.